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Kicking butt!

Or belleh, as Elizabeth put it.. This weekend was Feast of St. Anthony down in Clinton. derwyth arranged for the Saturday off, and we headed down to work with the rest of the Soutoners. Due to various illnesses and scheduling snafus, Elizabeth, Patrick, Den and I were pretty much the crew for most of the morning, but since we had done a lot of prep last weekend it was not too terribly hard going.

Elizabeth had given me some almond stuff to try to work into marzipan but the meal was too wet to work well. So I went and got some almond paste at the store and made marzipan from scratch. Since Anthony had the famous story of "preaching to the fish" we made some "bugs" (for bait) and some fish & fishbones for a laugh. I also brought some of the gumpaste flowers for some extra prettiess. Everyone seemed to enjoy them and Mistress Sine was especially happy with my little bees. (Of COURSE I forgot to get pics. *grump* )

The feast itself was awesome, and everyone that's spoken to us has been *very* complimentary about the food. YAY!! We were also awarded a Hydra's Coill for the group's outstanding efforts in feeding everyone. Awesome, aewsome weekend. :)

Now it's back to work and playing catch up with the merger stuff. *sigh*