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Head over Water...

Yes I am still alive.

Though it was questionable last week....

Yeah I bought cigarettes last week. No I DO NOT want to hear the scolding. The hubby did not even think of fussing, and he has to live with me....

The merger finally closed Friday/Saturday. After we closed Sat, I was up to 62 hrs for the week. (Of course two of those hrs were out of the branch picking up ambassador gift baskets, and getting stuff for our "clubhouse".) Each of the stores has a TD employee from some of their stores that came down last Weds and will be here through Thursday. Our Ambassador came down from Connecticut, and has been really great, helping us through all this mess. SHe was very happy with us, since we had everything ready to roll.

See around the end of May we got 50 boxes of forms and equipment and planograms for where it all had to go. It took us 3 days to sort though it all and a week to get it put where it belonged. Apparently some of the other stores did not do as well. (In fact I was told one store had not opened thier boxes until last Tuesday.....) So far most everything has been going well (*knocks wood*) with the exception of the ATM. We finally got one installed, but it has taken 2 full days to get the stupid thing up and running. Oy.

I really love the new debit card machine. We have instant issue cards, so when a customer opens thier account, they get the card that day. Very cool!! I also think the new systems are much more user friendly, so I am happy with them. On the down side, we are still waiting for the new tellers to get trained, so I have been pulling double duty as a teller and on the desk, and I have no idea when I will be back to 5 days a week, but the OT is good for now.

So now I am off to get some epsom salts in the foot bath, and I think it will be an early night tonight....

And oh yeah: No fair taking the Big Man so soon Universe! I am glad I finally did get to see the E Street last year, but I am sad that the experience will never be the same, even if the Boss keeps the E Street together....



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Jun. 22nd, 2011 12:30 pm (UTC)
Wow! Nice to see someone on here! Since I am not on FB, I don't see what is happening. I know, I can join, but now it is just the principle. PS - did you notice on my last post about us calling 911?)
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