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M-I-C.... K-E-Y

Let's see, where to start...

Saturday we were up bright and early. We'd planned on heading out around 6:00 am for Disney, but a general lack of sleep conspired to keep us in bed, so we did not get rolling until sometime around 7:00. We stopped for breakfast in the heart of Gamecock country, and over breakfast derwyth joked "We are pilgrims in an unholy land". bantiarna's response was "Well get out of Orangeburg!" We hit the road again, and had fairly smooth sailing, until we hit the I-4. Rain and traffic made the last few miles a total pain. Also, I agree with the Top Gear boys. I HATE CARAVANS!! We got to the first night's hotel around 5ish, and went out for dinner. Rain was still heavy, so we stayed in the room, and hit the sack *very* early.

The next morning we were up and out before 8:00, and we got to the Caribbean Beach Resort and checked in. Since the rooms were not ready, we dropped our bags off with the bell service, and parked over by our rooms. (We got the Pirate themed rooms in Trinidad South, and they were remarkably tasteful.) We headed over to the bus stop and waited for the Magic Kingdom bus. While we were waiting, a cast member was playing trivia games with the guests. She started a 20 questions type game challenging the guests to come up with the character she was thinking of. After we narrowed it down to a Short haired human male, who was not in a Disney film or TV show, but could be found in a ride in the Magic Kingdom, and was too cowardly to be a hero. I got the answer* and won a pirate hat!

We got to the Magic Kingdom, and discovered the puddles were *quite* deep. Luckily as we got onto Main Street, the water was running off, and the rain was starting to lighten up a bit. Den and I headed over to the Town Square Theatre for the Mickey Mouse meet and greet. The front queue has posters all over for "Magician Mickey", and the greeting area is his dressing room, complete with carrot munching bunny in a top hat, and doves in a cage. Den was highly excited about meeting Mickey, and we got some great pictures with him. Afterward, we wandered over to the Haunted Mansion and explored the interactive queue, which was awesome! The new Hitchhiking Ghost effects are also totally amazing! We also managed to fit in Peter Pan's Flight, Cinderella's Golden Carousel (sorry, don't *care* that they renamed it!!) and Tomorrowland Transit Authority. We also hit Space Mountain, which was a bit of a tactical error for my neck, but oh well. We hightailed it back to the resort so we could get our bags in our rooms. I had also arranged a little surprise for my sweetie when we got to our room.. i had ordered a Welcome to Disney arrangement from the floral department, which had some Mickey ears, some crispy treats, a hidden mickey book, and a light up bat for Halloween. He was very tickled by the gift. then we went back to MK for the extra Magic hours and the Main St Electrical Parade. After a ride on Pirates, the Hall of Presidents, and another trip through the Haunted Mansion we went back to the resort, and went to bed.

Monday's adventures coming up next!

*The answer was The Caretaker in the graveyard scene at the Haunted Mansion.