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All Around the World.....

When we last left our intrepid Adventurers......

After a wonderfully full (and WET) day at MK, we went to bed, and woke a little late the next morning. After stopping at the Center Market for some coffee, we headed over to Epcot. The line for Spaceship Earth was crazy long, so we decided to walk over to the Imagination Pavillion. On the way, I stopped at the Art of Disney shop, and we found a cute print of the Haunted Mansion, with the Hitchhiking Ghosts out front, with the hearse and Leota floating in the full moon. It wasn't too expensive, so we picked it up for the living room. There were also a couple of paintings that riffed on the stretching room portraits, one with the Wicked Queen sitting on the Huntsman's Grave, and Snow White as the tightrope walker. Sadly they were WAY out of our price range.

After our little side trip, we made our way to the Imagination ride. We slowed down to listen at the "office" doors, and had some fun with the puns. Figment is my favorite character in Epcot, and I just love the ride with a passion. (I do miss the "Dreamfinder" who invented Figment. Someplace I had a picture of him in the park. Probably at Mom and Dad's....) After Imagination, we caught up with bantiarna, proudsky and the kids, and went to see.... Captain Eo!!! Yeah. We went there! Looking at the film from an 80's perspective, it was amazing and groundbreaking. Even in 2011 it was pretty impressive, though the story was a bit cheezy... Once we got done there, we headed to the World Pavillions for our lunch at the Rose and Crown pub. I was so proud of the Boy, who really branched out with his food, and tried the Potato Leek soup and Bangers and Mash. I had a lovely Roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding, and Mashed Potatoes. derwyth had the Bangers as well..

After lunch we wandered around the Pavillions, and we got to see Mary Poppins and Alice in the UK Pavillion. We meandered over to the Moroccan Pavillion, where Den and I *promptly* got lost. Seriously. That Pavillion is not so big, but there are a lot of twists and turns inside, so you can get seperated and confused pretty fast. After that we buzzed over to Japan (of course) where Miyuki-san was molding candy. Sadly she no longer gives it away, but it is donated to a local children's hospital.. We wandered into Mitsukoshi, and I did something I wanted to do since I was a little kid. They had a tank of Oysters where you could select one, and get a pearl. Laugh at me if you like (and some have) but I did get a lovely Silver pearl, and had it set in a pendant, After that, we headed back to the resort, since we had to get ready for the Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Once we got dressed, we got back to the Magic Kingdom, and got going. Of course we went on Haunted Mansion *again* (yeah, we rode it at *least* 4 times..) But for the party, they had the cast in totally different makeup, had the house exterior lit very dramatically, and there was "ghost" on the front lawn interacting with the guests. When we got off the ride, I realized they had opened the area in front of the hearse, and had Photopass guys out. We went over and got our picture taken, and discovered that they were going to add some special effects when the pic was done. We found some of the trick or treat areas and got some candy, then found our spot for the Boo to You Parade. The parade was AWESOME. Got to see the Headless Horseman and a lot of the characters close up. When the pirate float came around, Jack Sparrow and Angelica were on board. I blew Jack a kiss, and he flirted back with me a bit. After the parade, we grabbed some drinks and headed to the Castle for the Villain Show. Afterward there was a meet and greet, and I was able to get my picture with the Wicked Queen. I showed her my bag (with her picture holding the poisoned apple) and she commented that she did not like to advertise her "Whole Food" line.

We hung out at the Castle, since the fireworks show was coming up quickly. We stayed right in the castle "courtyard" and got to see the projections on the castle, and got a great view of the show. Den liked the parade so much, we lined up for the 10:30 run, and I got some better pictures of the parade (just not the horseman. )8 ) When the pirate float rolled around again, Barbossa came over towards our side, and when I cheered him on, he came over and kissed my hand.. Jack looked down,and spotted me on his way past. He looked away, and then did a double take. I waved, and he gave me a "naughty naughty" gesture. LOL! We moved on into Adventureland to ride Pirates, and got lots more candy. When we got off the ride, I saw Jack in the courtyard of the fort, but the cast members said his line was closed. *pout*... we wandered a bit more, and moved back to the Castle for the next Villains show, and this time I got to meet Captain Hook and Dr. Facilier. Meanwhile Den got in line and met Malificent. After a while we headed out, since it was getting late, and went back to the resort to sleep.

Tuesday's adventures coming soon!!!!!


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Oct. 20th, 2011 11:22 am (UTC)
Oct. 21st, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Where are the rest of the days??
Oct. 22nd, 2011 02:00 am (UTC)
Got home late from work the last couple of nights, so I have not updated. I will finish up this weekend....
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