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If it's Tuesday...

So after being out fairly late Sunday and Monday, we slept in a bit on Tuesday, and got out of sync with bantiarna and the family. We had gotten a message from her that they were at the pool, but by the time we were ready to meet up they had gotten back to the resort. so we changed and decided we'd head on over to Hollywood Studios.

Last trip the Studios had been one of my least favorite parks, but on the drive down, we'd listened to some of WDW Radio's podcasts. One was about the Streetmosphere characters in the Studios, so we tried to keep an open mind about the whole park. When we got to the park, we headed straight over to Toy Story Mania, to try to pick up a Fastpass, but we were so late that all the Fastpasses were gone. The posted wait time was an hour, so we decided to make due, and get in line, since we probably would not have another chance to get to ride it. The queue was amazingly detailed, and the audio animatronic Mr. Potato head was amazing. He's one of the "Living Character Initiative" projects that included "Turtle Talk with Crush", and the "Monster's Inc Laugh Floor" I was in my pink Pirates shirt that day, and as we came around to the front of the queue, Mr. Potato Head said "Hey, you in the Pink Shirt, who's your favorite toy?" When I said Buzz, he asked me if Buzz has paid me to say that. :) The ride was pretty amazing, and I would have loved to go a second time, but the while the wait was really only about 45 minutes, we had other things we wanted to do. After we got done at Toy Story, we went by Muppetvision 3D, and stopped by the AFI Villians exhibit that was at the end of the Backlot tour. We also found "Mulch, Sweat and Tears", a cover band playing in the "Streets of New York" Backlot.

We headed over to the Dockside Diner to grab some food, and got the BEST sausage and pepper sandwich, stuffed in a french bread loaf. While we sat at lunch, I noticed some crates sitting around the diner, and I went to investigate. The crates were hysterical. One was from the "Anita Doubleset Ledger Company" that was being shipped to "Max Bialystock, Bialystock and Bloom Theatrical Productions"... After lunch, I hunted up some bandaids for my blisters, we headed on over to "The Great Movie Ride". We were going to try Star Tours, but the warning at the entry that stated if you had back issues, you might want to reconsider the ride, made us reconsider. we walked through the queue, and took the chicken exit. :( We were not there at the right time for the Indiana Jones show, so we wandered around some of the shops, and went back for the show. Following some of WDW's hints, we found the well near the entrance to the Stunt show and tugged on the rope. Tee hee. When the show was over, we went over to Walt Disney: One Man's Dream, and caught up with bantiarna and proudsky. Since it was Tidbit's birthday, we headed on over to Epcot to ride some of the rides she liked, but sadly, most of the stuff she wanted to hit was closed. We did get into The Living Seas with Nemo. We headed back to the resort, since it was getting late, and we had a breakfast reservation the next day. We did stop at the Marketplace in the resort for dinner, and I tried Plantains with my Mojo Pork dinner. Oh my goodness that was YUMMY! I may have to try to make them at home! While we were in the market, I went by the package pick up, and got the artwork we'd purchased the day before. Instead of trying to carry it along with us, I had the store send it to the resort pick up, which was *really* handy. Tidbit got a special birthday dessert, and we all sang "Happy Birthday". After dinner, we walked back to our room, and set a wake up call for 6am, and went to bed....


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Oct. 23rd, 2011 03:28 am (UTC)
Aww, I love tugging the rope. Did you spot the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? billboard?

As for Star Tours, I'm kind of concerned about it being 3d...
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