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What a full Wednesday!

So at 0-dark-hundred on Wednesday, we got a wake up call from Stitch, and my back up alarm on my cell phone. We were up at 6:30 since we had to be at the Contemporary resort at 8:30 for breakfast at Chef Mickey's. We were up and dressed and leaving the room just about 7:15, so I decided give a knock on bantiarna's room. Lucky thing I did, because when proudsky opened the door, it was kind of obvious they were still asleep... Luckily everyone was able to get to the bus stop on time (where we found out their alarm clock had been set for PM, not AM....) We were worried about the bus, since it was 2 hours till the park actually opened, but we were able to catch a bus to Magic Kingdom, then grab the Monorail to the Contemporary.

The Contemporary was really just awesome. We got to breakfast a little early, and while we waited for our table, I noticed a picture area to the right. They were taking photo packages, so we posed, and during breakfast, they brought us the printed package. Breakfast was cool. We got visited by Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto, so I was able to get everybody's autograph. Since it was The Boy's b'day, and Tidbit's was the day before, the waitress brought them a special birthday cupcake. When we got done with breakfast, we wandered around the resort a little, and visited some of the shops. I also got some pictures of the Mary Blair murals.

The Boy wanted to hit Big Thunder Mountain, we we caught the Monorail back to MK, and caught the train over to Frontier Land. Since derwyth was starting to feel a bit better, we decided we would wait for everyone else while they rode Big Thunder Mountain. Afterwards, we went over to Adventure Land, and got Fastpasses for the Jungle Cruise. We got over to Pirates of the Caribbean, and took a ride. When we got done, we still had time before the Fastpass was vaild, so we went to the Tiki room again. By the time we were done there, the Jungle Cruise was ready.

Since we had missed the Liberty Belle the last time, we went over to see when the next trip would be. We had just missed boarding, and the next trip was not for another half hour. The Boy wanted to hit Epcot, so since we had reservations at the Grand Floridian at 3:00, we said we'd meet the gang at Epcot when we got done. I went over to Madame Leota's cart and picked up one of the 40th anniversary Haunted Mansion T's, and the Special Event music from the Halloween Parade for Den. I wanted to do Haunted Mansion (yes, again), but the line was over 60 minutes, and I just did *not* feel like waiting that long. We figured we'd go ahead and wait for the Liberty Belle. When we went back to the landing, the gang had returned since they had gotten to looking in the Christmas Shop, and now it was close enough to the next trip to just go ahead and ride now. I did get a LOT of pictures on the boat ride.

Once we got done, we parted ways, and promised to give a call when we were headed to Epcot. D & I went over and got a quick snack at the pretzel cart, then picked up the railroad, and finished the circuit around MK and got a little peek into the area where they are building the Fantasy Land expansion. When we got back to Main Street, we were going to line up for the Princess Meet and Greet, so D could get Snow White's autograph for his niece. I wanted to check with Guest Services to see what the best way to get to the Grand Floridian, so as I walked over to the guest relations desk, I noticed a character meet and greet next to city hall, and lo and behold, it was Snow White!! D got in line, while I went to talk to the guest relations staff. When I came back, D was at the front of the line. I waited on the side for him, and noticed a family was brought in from the side to jump in line. I was curious, but when D got done, he told me that the cast member minding the line told him that the family was there with Make-a-Wish. He told the CM not to worry, and by all means, make sure they got to visit with the Princess. When he was able to see Snow White, he asked her to sign a postcard for the Niecelet, and she not only did so, but wrote her a whole message on the card for us to send. How sweet!!

When we got done, we went over to the dock on Bay Lake, and caught the launch across the lake to the Grand Floridian. I have to say, the Grand Floridian is flat out beautiful.. We were there early, so we took the advice that the lady at Guest relations gave us, and looked around the resort a little, and wandered around the shops. I found some awesome soaps at the Basin White shop, and will have to order more when I run out!! a little past 3, the hostess said our table was ready, so we sat down, and had a lovely tea with scones and cream, tea sandwiches and pastries. I had the Princess Breakfast tea, which was a Rooibos blend with flavors of vanilla and strawberry. D had a Russian Earl Grey. When it came to the end of the tea, I was told that since I was celebrating my birthday, I got to choose an extra pastry, and the server brought me and another young lady celebrating her birthday a rose.

When we got done with Tea, we hopped the monorail again, and headed over to Epcot. Extra Magic hours were that night, so we met up with the gang, and wandered around the World Showcase for Food and Wine festival. Billy Ocean was playing at the outdoor theatre, and I have to say.. he's gotten pretty white-headed there! The showcase was pretty crowded, and some of the guests were enjoying the *wine* part of the festival a bit much! I do admit, D & I picked up some Cosmo Slushies in the French pavillion, and my they were good!!!! We wandered around a bit, and got to ride Malestom in Norway before finally calling it a night.


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Oct. 27th, 2011 03:58 am (UTC)
Ooh, what does the 40th Anniversary Haunted Mansion tee look like? I wanted to get a Haunted Mansion tee last time but they all sucked. Also, did he sing "get into my car"? Last year, he didn't but he did do "Caribbean Queen". :)
Nov. 1st, 2011 02:12 pm (UTC)
do we progress from here?
Nov. 1st, 2011 09:47 pm (UTC)
I hope you will keep updating your content constantly as you have one dedicated reader here.

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